Junior MBA Programme

The Junior MBA programme is a 12-week programme designed to deliver an MBA style curriculum to primary school students. The essence of the programme is to deliver MBA modules to children aged from 6-11 years old with four learning goals:

  • To encourage students to think critically
  • To provide basic financial literacy skills to students
  • To encourage collaboration among students
  • To improve presentation skills of students.

The Junior MBA programme was the creation of its founding teacher, Navin Valrani, Arcadia Education’s award-winning CEO, who was not only educated in the finest business schools in the world but who has also successfully led a number of companies across a variety of industries.

Course Objectives

The programme is considered essential for students as it provides them not only with financial literacy skills but also the basic tools of entrepreneurship that will serve them well in the long run. Due to the discussion-based nature of the class, the programme gives students the ability to think critically and encourages collaboration, with the intention of preparing students for their academic and personal journey ahead.

Course Structure & Eligibility

The course is taught in a discussion-based format and has 2 formative assessments along the way. There should also be at least one marketing-related guest speaker visiting the class at some point during the programme. Guest speakers can also video conference into the lessons. The summative assessment is the final presentation pitch which is prepared in a powerpoint or keynote format and delivered to an audience that consists of both parents and judges.

Only pupils who are enrolled at a licensed Jr MBA school are eligible to enroll in the programme. The programme can only be taught by a certified Jr MBA teacher. The Jr MBA licensing team will also assist in arranging guest speakers for and from geographies all over the world.

Core Subjects

Based on the first year MBA programme, the course has been designed such that it is easily comprehensible for young children. The course delivery and level of complexity are tailored according to the age group being attended to. The core topics covered are:

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Company & Team set-up
  • Finance & Fund Raising
  • Introduction to Marketing/4Ps
  • Introduction to Strategic Thinking
  • Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Year-end Project

At the end of the course, children are required to form teams and present their own business proposals. It is not regarded as an assessment rather an opportunity for students to brainstorm, collaborate and put together a presentation to showcase their business idea in a coherent format.

The programme is presently taught in a learning environment that is conducive to creativity. The classroom, known as the Enterprise Hub at the school, has bean bags instead of chairs, blue and white walls that can be written on, no desks unless required and an Anne Frank quote on the wall that says, "How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."