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Charlotte Corkhill

Key Stage 2 Teacher

As a teacher, Miss Charlotte Corkhill describes herself as creative, encouraging and dedicated; having always encouraged children to take pride in their achievements, both by the way she responds to their work and the way it is displayed in a classroom. She sees this as a delicate balance; ensuring children celebrate their success and have a sense of pride in their work while giving them constructive feedback for improvement. Miss Charlotte Corkhill believes that every child, whatever their ability, should feel they have achieved at the end of each lesson.

Miss Charlotte Corkhill designs and delivers learning programmes that motivate, excite and challenge children. She feels Arcadia encapsulates her philosophy of being a teacher ensuring lessons are meaningful and targeted; ensuring each child develops a lasting desire to continually learn, grow and develop.

Miss Charlotte Corkhill graduated from the University of Cumbria with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Primary Education QTS with the specialism of Science. Since university, she was teaching at a local school in Blackpool, UK. Miss Charlotte Corkhill has a passion for sport, playing hockey at the international level. Throughout her school and university career, she had the opportunity to play hockey for her country, travelling to many places around the world to compete.

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