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Chloe Southgate

Key Stage 2 Teacher

Miss Chloe Southgate began her teaching career studying Primary Education at the University of Hertfordshire and graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Education degree. She taught Year 5 and 6 in London for two years before making the exciting decision to move to the United Arab Emirates! Since then, Miss Southgate has taught in Key Stage Two in a primary school in Abu Dhabi. Her roles included Head of Year 4, leading dance and gymnastics club and being part of the Behaviour for Learning Committee. Miss Chloe Southgate’s favourite subject is English and Art. She loves to develop creativity and believes that there is no ceiling to learning as all children have the ability to reach for the stars and inspire others to do the same.

During her fifth year in the UAE, Miss Southgate hopes to make more memories at Arcadia School and welcomes the new children into her adventurous, exciting and fun classroom. In her spare time, Miss Chloe Southgate enjoys being outside. She loves to travel and learn more about other cultures and is hopeful that next year will provide the same opportunities.
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