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Are you born with an entrepreneurial mindset?

Banner Image By Navin Valrani | Sunday, December 5th, 2021

Not too long ago, I came across some research that looked at the correlation between a leader’s height and their potential success. While there seemed to be some correlation, there were clear question marks regarding causation. Just because you were born tall did not mean that you would be successful. 

I cite this research because I often come across the question: are entrepreneurs born with a mindset for success? As our Junior MBA programme enters its fifth year at Arcadia, the short answer to this is: NO. The Junior MBA programme at Arcadia starts at primary school and leads on to the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership in secondary school. The objectives of both programmes are identical: to develop the entrepreneurial mindset. While the concept of an entrepreneurial mindset is relatively recent and often hotly debated, at Arcadia we look to develop four characteristics in our students as essential to this mindset. They are:

  1. Resiliency
  2. Creative Problem-Solving
  3. Opportunity-Seeking
  4. Resourcefulness

Several factors go into developing a mindset, but in my opinion, none is more important than grit. Defined by the renowned Angela Duckworth as “passion with perseverance,” grit is one of those qualities that fuel any positive mindset. So how does one instill grit into our students? This is the subject of a future blog piece but for now, be rest assured – every school day of every year, Arcadia students go through lived experiences at school and outside of it that contribute to developing their entrepreneurial mindset. As we prepare our students for a world where the jobs of the future are unknown, we are convinced that this mindset will provide our students with the necessary skills to succeed no matter what challenges they come up against. Most importantly though, every day our students come into school with the confidence that they can further develop their mindset for future success through the experiences we create for them at Arcadia.

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