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Founder’s message

The teaching community at Arcadia School founded the Junior MBA and Junior Analyst programmes thanks to the innovative culture that the school seeks to foster in its students and staff. The programmes are taught at Arcadia and Neoversity Learning Center and have proven to be amongst the most favourite subjects of students at Arcadia and other schools in Dubai.


The Junior MBA programme focuses on developing the entrepreneurial mindset for students from the ages of seven upwards. This mindset encourages students to think critically, provides basic financial literacy skills, including building spreadsheet models, promotes collaboration and provides students with the opportunities to learn through discussion. An initiative of this nature plants the early seeds of entrepreneurship in the minds of young students and teaches them how businesses can positively impact society.

The Junior Analyst programme, delivered to students across schools in Dubai, is held exclusively at the Neoversity Learning Center in Al Furjan. The programme seeks to develop the investor mindset in students by studying logical frameworks when evaluating publicly listed companies. Students attending this program understand how to interpret financial statements, provide an assessment of strategic directions at large corporations, understand the use of PE ratios in determining stock valuations, and read stock performance charts. An initiative of this nature provides students with life lessons in stock investing.

Both programmes have proven to be impactful with students in many different ways. Students graduating from the programmes typically discover a sense of self-confidence and ambition to positively impact the world while furthering their academic aspirations.

Best Regards,

Navin Valrani
Programme Founder

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