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Apple to have self-driving car by 2025?

Apple’s ideal car would have no steering wheel or pedals.
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November 12th is Disney+’s birthday!

Tomorrow promises to be full of surprises as the streamer turns its birthday into a mega-marketing event!
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Microsoft and Meta begin collaboration on the Meta!

Facebook’s workplace platform will integrate into Teams as the two tech giants take control of the metaverse. Have Zuckerberg and Nadella learned from the tech rivalries of the past?
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What will Apple do with crypto-currencies?

Tim Cook drops a mysterious hint as everyone is left guessing on Apple’s move on crypto!
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Nike signals its intent for the metaverse!

The shoe giant registers trademarks for virtual sneakers as more companies begin strategizing about the metaverse!
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Welcome Microsoft! The metaverse is not Facebook’s playground

The tech giant makes its intent clear as Meta’s arch-rival. Any guesses on who will be next?
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Playstation or X-box? Wait – Netflix is now into gaming!

The streamer throws the first blow in what is set be a new turf of the ongoing battle between the platforms.
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Coca Cola to buy Body Armor for $8 billion!

What is Body Armor and why is Coca Cola buying it at a valuation of $8 billion?!
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Planning to buy a watch? You may want to hold on for the one that takes you to the Meta!

Facebook launches its new name with the announcement of a watch! Whatapp users are getting excited!
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Pay for a course using crypto? Penn becomes 1st Ivy League university to give students the option!

The renowned Wharton School of Business will accept tuition payments for the Economics of Blockchain and Digital Assets course.

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Why should we care about Meta?

The World Economic Forum also has a say in a name change that seems to have shifted the conversation on Facebook. Has FB pulled off a perfectly timed announcement?
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Disney launches Buzz Lightyear trailer!

With all the hype around space, Disney does a timely release of one Disney-Pixar’s top characters. Are we ready to go to space with Buzz Lightyear?
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Has Apple delivered the knockout blow to the social media industry?

Snap blames Apple’s new privacy measures on the revenue miss as its stock price drops 25%! Other social media companies are expected to follow as Tim Cook’s master stroke seems to be paying off.
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Will a name change save Facebook from the wrath of the regulators?

As the social media giant looks at changing the narrative, a new brand may emerge – any guesses on what the new name will be?
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Can Apple pull off the $19 cleaning cloth?

Has the tech giant gone too far with its pricing? Can Apple pull off selling cloth for the price of gold!
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Netflix buys Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Netflix takes a leaf out of Disney’s playbook and purchases the Roald Dahl series. The spin-offs could be very interesting!
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Has Frances Haugen permanently changed the way we view social media?

The Facebook whistleblower’s congress testimony may lead to permanent changes. Is she a warrior or an attention seeker?
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Facebook outage opens up opportunity for competitors

Could last night’s outage be the catalyst that Signal and Telegram needed? How many customers switching over said “enough is enough”!
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Disney to open Star Wars Hotel!

The entertainment giant continues to innovate in the physical and virtual world as it continues to reinvent itself.
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Will Amazons Robocop strategy work?

The E-commerce giant’s launch goes unnoticed in the wake of Apple’s mega event.
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The Black Widow is out of court!

Who won the battle between Disney and the Black Widow? Why did the showdown happen?
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Should Facebook have abandoned Instagram’s kid project?

Facebook puts a “pause” on the project as its reputation takes a further hit.
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Who won the Apple v Epic court battle?

Did Apple truly win? Does the judge’s ruling impact Apple’s profitability? How will Apple overcome the out-of-AppStore purchase loss? Great classroom discussion in store on this one!  
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Amazon To Own The James Bond Franchise!

Guess what Amazon is just about to do! Own the James Bond franchise!

21,Aug Image

Finally A Real Life Lightsaber!

Disney taking full benefit of its ownership of the Star Wars Franchise!
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The Streaming Wars Heat Up Internationally!

Netflix, Disney And Amazon Battle It Out On A Global Stage

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