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Want to buy a car? Go on to Amazon!

Hyundai becomes the first car manufacturer to offer its cars on Amazon.
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Can Pepsi surpass Coke in value?

The diversification into snack foods has put Pepsi on course for passing Coke.
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Here comes Elon Musk’s response to ChatGPT

Billionaire’s xAI start up, Grok, unveils generative AI model in challenge to Microsoft-backed OpenAI and Google
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Can Mcdonalds sell shoes?

The fast food giant’s themed crocs hit $100 million in sales!
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Impressed with ChatGPT? Here comes the real Google response

Google to invest $2 Billion in Open AI’s rival, Anthropic! How cool is this name!
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Why are companies preventing use of ChatGPT?

The tech giant Apple makes a move to prevent its employees from using ChatGPT!
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Pringles by Kellanova?

Kellog rebrands its snack business under Kellanova, bringing the importance of a name back into the spotlight.
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Like sweet and savoury? Try this new Baskin Robbins Flavor!

The ice cream giant incorporates the popularity of chicken into its product offering.
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Apple puts the brakes on ChatGPT

The world’s largest company says “Hold on ChatGPT!”
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Whoops! Netflix’s dream days are coming to an end!

The streaming giant is forced to drop pricing as the competition begins to catch up.
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Elon Musk takes on the most valuable company!

Elon Musk and Apple are on a head-on collision – will Twitter be thrown off the App Store?
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Enjoying Netflix? Get ready to see annoying ads!

As Netflix’s subscription model revenues decline, ads are in. Stranger Things won’t be the same :(.
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Meta makes major Metaverse announcement!

Zuckerberg’s spending spree on the Metaverse is finally bearing some results.
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A Tesla Robot?

Elon Musk’s latest unveiling is a part of a broader strategy of showing the world that Tesla is more than a car company.
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Will Pickleball become a global sport?

LeBron James becomes the latest investor in one of the fastest growing sports in the US.

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Netflix not giving up on gaming just yet!

The streaming giant opens another gaming studio in Finland!
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Launching a new brand? Look at BeReal

A new social media platform is beginning to create waves in the world of cosmetics.
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Will a membership model work for Disney?

The entertainment giant is pondering an Amazon Prime-style model.
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The Choco-Taco is coming back!

Unilever admits to having prematurely discontinued a hot favourite!
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Coca-Cola spins new flavours with DJ Marshmello!

Strawberry and Watermelon sodas are soon going to be on the shelves!
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Coca-Cola with carrots!

Coke’s continued attempts at moving away from “sugar” have reached a new level!
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Look who is coming back to Twitter

Elon Musk’s announcement sparks a wider debate on whether this is truly a moral decision or a business one?
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The end of the iPod!

The product that saved Apple from bankruptcy is now being discontinued :(.
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No more FIFA on PS!

EA sports to discontinue “FIFA”  as licensing costs become unsustainable.
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Is this the beginning of Amazon’s decline?

The internet shopping giant posts its first quarterly loss in 7 years!
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Amazon sends a strong message to the bricks and mortar industry!

The retail giant confirms its intent on physical stores for groceries and fashion while bookstores breathe a sigh of relief.
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Google provides an answer to pricey colleges!

$100 million fund allows students to pick up skills for tomorrow’s jobs!
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A Big Mac in the metaverse?

McDonald’s files 10 trademark applications in the metaverse to add credibility to the virtual space!
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Want to learn about the $4.5 billion crypto theft? You won’t have to wait long…

Want to learn about the largest known Bitcoin hack to date? Netflix is bringing it to your home!
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Not a great day in the office for Mr. Zuckerberg!

Why did the founder of Facebook/Meta have such a bad day on the stock market?
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