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Netflix buys Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Netflix takes a leaf out of Disney’s playbook and purchases the Roald Dahl series. The spin-offs could be very interesting!
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McDonald’s scores a marketing win!

The fast food giant targets an often under-appreciated yet very influential segment: teachers!!
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Has Frances Haugen permanently changed the way we view social media?

The Facebook whistleblower’s congress testimony may lead to permanent changes. Is she a warrior or an attention seeker?
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Facebook outage opens up opportunity for competitors

Could last night’s outage be the catalyst that Signal and Telegram needed? How many customers switching over said “enough is enough”!
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Disney to open Star Wars Hotel!

The entertainment giant continues to innovate in the physical and virtual world as it continues to reinvent itself.
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Will Amazons Robocop strategy work?

The E-commerce giant’s launch goes unnoticed in the wake of Apple’s mega event.
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The Black Widow is out of court!

Who won the battle between Disney and the Black Widow? Why did the showdown happen?
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Should Facebook have abandoned Instagram’s kid project?

Facebook puts a “pause” on the project as its reputation takes a further hit.
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Who won the Apple v Epic court battle?

Did Apple truly win? Does the judge’s ruling impact Apple’s profitability? How will Apple overcome the out-of-AppStore purchase loss? Great classroom discussion in store on this one!  
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Amazon To Own The James Bond Franchise!

Guess what Amazon is just about to do! Own the James Bond franchise!

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Finally A Real Life Lightsaber!

Disney taking full benefit of its ownership of the Star Wars Franchise!
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The Streaming Wars Heat Up Internationally!

Netflix, Disney And Amazon Battle It Out On A Global Stage

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