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Look who is coming back to Twitter

Elon Musk’s announcement sparks a wider debate on whether this is truly a moral decision or a business one?
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The end of the iPod!

The product that saved Apple from bankruptcy is now being discontinued :(.
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No more FIFA on PS!

EA sports to discontinue “FIFA”  as licensing costs become unsustainable.
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Is this the beginning of Amazon’s decline?

The internet shopping giant posts its first quarterly loss in 7 years!
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Amazon sends a strong message to the bricks and mortar industry!

The retail giant confirms its intent on physical stores for groceries and fashion while bookstores breathe a sigh of relief.
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Google provides an answer to pricey colleges!

$100 million fund allows students to pick up skills for tomorrow’s jobs!
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A Big Mac in the metaverse?

McDonald’s files 10 trademark applications in the metaverse to add credibility to the virtual space!
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Want to learn about the $4.5 billion crypto theft? You won’t have to wait long…

Want to learn about the largest known Bitcoin hack to date? Netflix is bringing it to your home!
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Not a great day in the office for Mr. Zuckerberg!

Why did the founder of Facebook/Meta have such a bad day on the stock market?
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Addressing an age-old pain point: The Remote!

TV manufacturers are on course to solve an age-old pain point as new technologies are set to change the remote control.
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The iPhone will soon accept payments?!

How will this latest innovation impact the retail industry?
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Coca Cola with Coffee?

The beverages giant innovates on colour and taste in its latest product release.
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Twitter launches NFTs for profile pictures!

The social media giant brings NFTs to mainstream audiences with a clever launch video:
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Will sports broadcasting take Apple to the top of the streaming industry?

Apple’s first foray may be into baseball as the giant now begins to throw its punches in the streaming battle!
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Mars to buy pet food brand Nom Nom!

Why does the chocolate maker that we all love want to get into pet food? Is this a wise move?
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Want to stay with the times? Play Wordle!

Nice to see a word game going viral! Join 1.8 million users who played it last Friday!
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Netflix delivers it biggest film opening: Red Notice

Have Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), and The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) delivered a new record for Netflix?
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Apple to have self-driving car by 2025?

Apple’s ideal car would have no steering wheel or pedals.
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November 12th is Disney+’s birthday!

Tomorrow promises to be full of surprises as the streamer turns its birthday into a mega-marketing event!
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Microsoft and Meta begin collaboration on the Meta!

Facebook’s workplace platform will integrate into Teams as the two tech giants take control of the metaverse. Have Zuckerberg and Nadella learned from the tech rivalries of the past?
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What will Apple do with crypto-currencies?

Tim Cook drops a mysterious hint as everyone is left guessing on Apple’s move on crypto!
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Nike signals its intent for the metaverse!

The shoe giant registers trademarks for virtual sneakers as more companies begin strategizing about the metaverse!
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Welcome Microsoft! The metaverse is not Facebook’s playground

The tech giant makes its intent clear as Meta’s arch-rival. Any guesses on who will be next?
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Playstation or X-box? Wait – Netflix is now into gaming!

The streamer throws the first blow in what is set be a new turf of the ongoing battle between the platforms.
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Coca Cola to buy Body Armor for $8 billion!

What is Body Armor and why is Coca Cola buying it at a valuation of $8 billion?!
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