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Winning Friends in the Workplace

Banner Image By Jaimie Redgwick | Monday, January 3rd, 2022

Whether in a new or current workplace, building connections with your colleagues can feel more daunting than most business meetings. I’m sure that most people can confess to eating lunch in their office to avoid facing an awkward conversation but winning friends is another step we all need to take towards being successful. 

A happier work environment is just one example of the importance of getting to know your co-workers. What better relief from your stressful day than to enjoy a coffee break and talk about your weekend plans? Even if only for a few minutes. As well as improving your mental health, a larger network will better your working life. 

There are three simple points to remember to help with your workplace friendships: 

  1. Greeting someone each morning is easy but will largely impact both of your days. 
  2. Learning names – and this applies to everyone (not just those who you think are important in the hierarchy). 
  3. Take a moment to stop talking and listen. You already know everything about yourself, so why not learn about someone else? 

Despite popular belief, demanding that people do work for you is not effective. Instead, by showing your colleagues they are supported by you they’ll be happy to offer help when you need it. It’s surprising how uncomplicated difficult tasks can become when you’re not afraid to ask for help.

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