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Lucy Grier

Head of Year 3

Miss Lucy Grier describes herself as a positive and compassionate professional who is dedicated to meeting the needs of every child. She enjoys building relationships with parents and colleagues to support a whole community approach. In addition to this, Miss Lucy Grier has been involved in the Parent/Teachers Association and has coordinated the Dubai Well-being Census.

Outside of the school, she enjoys taking part in sports such as golf and skiing. Dubai has provided Miss Lucy Grier with fantastic opportunities to travel and she looks forward to exploring the city further and the new and exciting experiences Arcadia has to offer.

Miss Lucy Grier graduated with a Bachelor of Education from the University of Edinburgh. Since then, Miss Lucy Grier has taught in Scotland, Spain and has spent the last 4 years teaching in an English curriculum school in Dubai. She has gained a breadth of experience working with children from all over the world. Miss Lucy Grier has taught across a wide range of year groups from Foundation Stage 1 to Key Stage 2. In her previous schools, Miss Lucy Grier has joined the school in their founding year and has helped develop the curriculum and policies.
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